Cokesbury Community

Covenant Bible Study
Covenant is an in-depth group Bible Study that centers around our relationships with God, with each other, and with the world. It differs from other Bible studies in that it emphasizes the biblical concept of Covenant – the enduring commitment between God and people – as a unifying pattern throughout the entire Bible. As such, it underscores the unique relationship that God chooses with us as his people. The 24-week program covers both Testaments – discussing books from each in a way that shows the interconnectedness of scripture as a whole.

The Disciple Bible Study program is designed to develop strong Christian leaders in local churches through the in-depth study of Scripture. Through Disciple, persons will be strengthened in their faith and guided into service and ministry. Strong, biblically nourished leadership will help your church grow in vitality and Christian discipleship.

Ministry Matters
Ministry Matters™ offers practical and immediate inspiration for preachers, teachers, and worship leaders. With thousands of original articles and blogs, unique book reviews, and weekly worship and preaching helps in our This Sunday area, provides both community and inspiration to Christian leaders.

The United Methodist Publishing House
The United Methodist Publishing House is a publisher and distributor to Christian clergy and laity, with primary responsibilities for the publishing and distribution for The United Methodist Church. The Publishing House is a fully self-supporting agency